Free bookplates Download

A bookplate is a customized label fixed inside a book to identify the owner. For centuries, readers pasted bookplates into their books to let people know whose library they came from. It was a handy way to ensure a borrowed book came back. 

These days bookplates are less common, because so many books are inexpensive paperbacks. But for your finest and favorite books, there is nothing quite so satisfying as sticking that label in there with your name on it.

Featuring artwork by Mr. Tripp himself, these bookplates are ideal for labeling your personal copy of The Accidental Highwayman -- and any other books you treasure. Trim the designs from the page and fix them down with a light coating of glue on the back (glue sticks are ideal). For a neater result, apply the glue to the bookplate, not the page. Write your name in the space provided!

the usual place to attach a bookplate is on the inside of the front cover or the facing end paper page.

Download these nifty bookplates individually or a full 8.5x11 sheet (includes 6 bookplates and 2 bonus bookmarks). Right-click one of the links below and save to your computer: